Pearson Instructor Accounts for Sale

Are you in need of a Pearson instructor account? You’ve come to the right place! We currently offer a limited number of Pearson instructor accounts that provide access to thousands of instructor resource materials and tools. Our accounts unlock many resources, including Test Banks, Solutions Manuals, PowerPoint presentations, Test Generator files, Instructor Manuals, and customized course materials.

What are Pearson Instructor Accounts?

Educators use Pearson Instructor Accounts to manage courses, access teaching resources, and communicate with students. They also provide access to digital textbooks, interactive learning tools, and online assessments. Pearson offers a range of products and services for different subjects and levels, including MyLab, Mastering, Revel, and Pearson eText.

You Will Gain Access

  1. Instructor Resource Center
  2. Pearson MyTest
  3. Pearson Collections Instructor Access
  4. TestGen Application and User Guide

Pearson’ Websites

  1. Pearson US Website
  2. Pearson Canada
  3. Pearson UK
  4. Pearson MyLab – Mastering
  5. Pearson My Collections


What Can You Do With Pearson Instructor Account?

Pearson instructor accounts provide access to various teaching resources to help instructors enhance their courses and engage their students. These materials include:

1. Digital Textbooks

Pearson offers digital versions of their books, including interactive features, multimedia elements, and adaptive learning tools. Instructors can customize the content, create assignments, and track student progress.

2. Online Assessments

Pearson provides online reviews that cover different subjects and levels, including formative and summative assessments, quizzes, and exams. Instructors can create and deliver tests, monitor student performance, and analyze results.

3. Learning Management Tools

Pearson offers tools that help instructors manage their courses, communicate with students, and collaborate with colleagues. These tools include grade books, course analytics, discussion boards, and group activities.

4. Multimedia Resources

Pearson provides vast multimedia resources that instructors can use to supplement their lectures and engage students. These resources include videos, animations, simulations, and interactive activities.

5. Test Banks

Pearson offers test banks that include a variety of questions and problems for instructors to use in their assessments. Test banks cover various topics and are available in multiple formats.

6. PowerPoint Presentations

Pearson provides PowerPoint presentations that accompany their textbooks and cover key concepts and topics. Instructors can use these presentations or modify them to suit their teaching style.

7. Solutions Manuals

Pearson offers solutions manuals that provide detailed solutions to the problems and exercises in their textbooks. Instructors can use these manuals to guide their teaching and assess student understanding.

8. Instructor Manuals

Pearson provides instructor manuals that offer guidance and support for instructors using their products and services. Instructor manuals include teaching strategies, best practices, and tips for using Pearson resources effectively.

9. Excel Solutions

Pearson offers Excel solutions with step-by-step instructions and examples for using Microsoft Excel to solve problems and analyze data. Instructors can use these solutions to supplement their teaching and help their students develop essential skills.

Who Needs a Pearson Instructor Account?

Our Pearson-like instructor accounts cater to the needs of various individuals, including:

1. Instructors and Educators

Instructors who may face difficulties obtaining an instructor account directly from Pearson can benefit from our platform. Our resources and tools help facilitate the teaching process, enabling educators to create engaging and effective learning experiences for their students.

2. Students

Students can also benefit from access to Test Banks, Solutions Manuals, and PowerPoint files, which can help them prepare for their courses and exams. Our platform offers a wealth of resources to support their learning journey.

3. Resellers

Resellers may use our Pearson-like instructor accounts to access and sell materials on their behalf and responsibility. This allows them to provide valuable resources to educators and students while maintaining a sustainable business model.

Pearson Account Usage Limit

In accordance with Pearson’s updated usage policy, Pearson instructor accounts allow you to access up to 10 instructor files per day. This limit ensures that you have ample resources while maintaining the integrity and quality of Pearson’s instructor resources.

Pearson Instructor Account Validity

Pearson instructor accounts come with an extended validity period of 4 years, ensuring that you have continuous access to a vast library of educational resources and tools. During this period, you can enjoy all the benefits and features of Pearson’s website, allowing you to create dynamic and engaging learning experiences for your students.

Pearson Account Price and Order

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